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President Fu of Sichuan-Chongqing Chamber of Commerce visited Nantong production base of New Sanya Technology Group

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On May 19, chairman Fu of the Chuanyu Chamber of Commerce in Nantong, visited the Nantong production base of New Sanya Technology Group. Mr. Kou Xiaojun, chairman of New sanya, attended the symposium and accompanied Mr. Fu to visit the modern factory of the production base in Nantong.


At the beginning of the symposium, Chairman Kou Xiaojun first extended a warm welcome to the chairman of Nantong Chuanyu Chamber of Commerce and his party. He introduced the development history, technological innovation, product layout and development plan of the new Sanya Technology Group in the next few years. After 17 years of development, New Sanya Technology Group has become a waterproof enterprise with the largest production scale and reputation in East and West China. The systemized waterproof solutions and products provided are widely used in major infrastructure, industrial buildings, commercial buildings and civil buildings. New Sanya Technology Group has strong technical strength, established the New Sanya Technology R & D and Application Center  of China Building Materials Research Institute in Suzhou, and became a pilot base for building materials in Sichuan Building Materials Industrial Science Research Institute. When talking about the development of the building waterproofing industry, Chairman Kou Xiaojun said deeply: "China's economy is developing rapidly. Many industries are facing the current situation of overcapacity and unmatched market demand. The waterproofing industry is no exception. There are many brands and fierce competition. To seek high-quality development, waterproof enterprises must find their own position in the market, insist on establishing their own brand image, focus on quality and keeping promises, and provide the market with more energy-saving, environmentally friendly products and quality services to win market". He said that in the future, New Sanya Technology Group will be guided by scientific research innovation and management innovation, adhere to the corporate philosophy of "innovation is the source of enterprise development, and culture is the vitality of the company", and continue to launch more energy-saving and environmentally friendly new products to promote Green development of the waterproof industry.



Chairman Fu recognized Chairman Kou Xiaojun's introduction and the future development direction of the waterproof industry. He introduced the basic situation of the Sichuan-Chongqing Chamber of Commerce in Nantong City, and said that the Chamber of Commerce has spared no effort for the development of member companies. New Sanya Technology can strengthen cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce in personnel interaction and product promotion in the future to achieve common development. He hoped that in the future development process, New Sanya Technology should pay more attention to the adherence to quality, pay more attention to technological innovation and talent training, pay more attention to increasing market development, and make greater contributions to the construction of leak-proof construction .



After the symposium, accompanied by Chairman Kou Xiaojun, Chairman Fu and his entourage visited the ecological plant, advanced production equipment and testing experiment center of the Nantong production base, and learned about the quality control standards and characteristics of products from raw material procurement to production completion. The production situation and excellent performance characteristics of the products, the modern factory and scientific and technological strength of the Nantong production base have been highly affirmed and praised by Chairman Fu and his team.



The communication between the New Sanya Technology Group and the Sichuan-Chongqing Chamber of Commerce in Nantong has established a smooth channel for long-term exchanges in the principle of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.Both parties expressed their confidence in long-term cooperation in the future and look forward to it, willing to work together to promote the healthy development of China's waterproof industry.