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Stars Shining, Global Gathering! Co-strategy, Co-development New Sanya 2019 Annual Marketing Conference Successfully Ending

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This is an drastic era, facing the new situation of waterproof building material industry, New Sanya Group as a manufacturer of waterproof materials reunited with distributors and customers and conducted an in-depth exchange and discussion together. Co-strategy, Co-development!



On Dec.20,2019, with the theme of“Ramping foundation, New journey, Building platform, Creating future”, New Sanya Group’s 2019 annual meeting was grandly held in Chengdu Dading Century Plaza Hotel. Relevant leaders and experts from Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sichuan, Sichuan Building Waterproof Association, Sichuan Construction Science & Technology Association and Sichuan Building Materials Academy as well as the group’s leaders, dealers and customers around the world, a total of about 400 people gathered to discuss 2020 strategic cooperation and depict mutual benefit win-win blueprint.


The conference began with speeches by special guests. Sun Ning, Vice Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sichuan, shared the operation situation of Sichuan private economy in 2019 and the guiding ideology of national private economy development in 2020. Jin Xiaoxi(President of Sichuan Building Waterproof Association), Qin Gang(Vice President of Sichuan Construction Science & Technology Association) and Wang Qiang(President of Sichuan Building Materials Industry Research Institute) shared the information on the competitive situation of waterproof industry, green development of enterprises, cooperation between institutes and enterprises and technological innovation. The guests’ wonderful speeches not only discussed the new concepts and new ideas for the upgrading of waterproof industry, but also pointed out the direction for New Sanya Group in 2020.

Focusing on the theme of this annual marketing channel conference, Feng Pingbo, general manager of the Group's marketing center, analyzed market strategies and marketing policies for 2020 for dealers and cooperative customers. The regional market is intensively cultivated to improve service quality, and to improve the market competitiveness of manufacturers with a flexible mechanism. The group's strategic partner, Li Weiwen, explained the development blueprint and staged goals, and will build a new business model based on the industrial Internet thinking, and achieve overtaking and cross-border development. The group's technical engineers explained new products and new processes such as single-layer roofing system waterproof materials and anti-sagging waterproof coatings.

In addition, the meeting honors and awards outstanding partners, distributors and marketing staff in 2019, and authorizes international distributors.


Finally, Kou Xiaojun, Chairman of New Sanya Technology, talked about the future development and strategic planning of the Group around innovation leadership, brand winning, and value reconstruction. He said that "innovation is the source of corporate development and culture is the vitality of corporate ascension." As core values. Since 2003, New Sanya Technology has always been advancing on the road of “building a learning and innovative enterprise”. New Sanya Technology regards quality as the first element of development. A number of new products independently developed have been highly recognized in the market: there is environmental protection and energy saving PUT self-healing asphalt waterproof coating which has obtained the national invention patent, and  “Xinqiyu” colorful asphalt fiberglass tiles and NBAC color sticky waterproofing coils sold at home and abroad. ; "Xinqiyu" is a well-known trademark in Sichuan Province, "Yunyu" "Aobi" Trademarks are well-known domestic brands; in addition, New Sanya Technology currently has more than 20 design patents and utility model patents.


Chairman Kou Xiaojun pointed out that New Sanya Technology not only pays great attention to independent research and development, improves scientific research hardware with heavy funds, but also focuses on in-depth exchanges and cooperation with leading domestic technologies, and has established a Sichuan Provincial Building Materials Industry Research Institute Building Waterproof Pilot Base.Around the theme of this annual marketing channel annual meeting, Feng Pingbo, general manager of the Group Marketing Center, analyzed the market strategy and the 2020 marketing policy for distributors and co-clients, and put forward the next step will be to increase the development of the core market, strengthen the channel construction, the regional market to work hard, improve the quality of service, to mobile flexible mechanism, To enhance the competitiveness of manufacturers in the market. Group Strategic Partner Li Ji-hung explained the development blueprint and phased objectives, will be industrial Internet thinking to build a new business model, to achieve road overtaking and cross-border development. Group technical engineers explained the single-layer roofing system waterproof material and anti-flow hanging waterproof paint and other new products, new technology.


At the end of the speech, Chairman Kou Xiaojun said that 2020 will improve service, improve product quality as a top priority, customer-centric, market-oriented, integration of superior resources, innovative business development model, comprehensively improve the level of technical management and the core competitiveness of enterprises, and further deepen cooperation with distributors and customers, To take a stronger attitude to meet new market opportunities and challenges. In 2020, the new Sanya Science and Technology has the confidence to develop better, I hope that the vast number of dealers friends and customers continue to support, we work together to achieve more brilliant achievements!



After discussing the future and drawing the blueprint, a colorful artistic performance for the participants wonderfully presented, folk dance, traditional performances, acrobatics, singing and other programs will ignite a warm atmosphere for the party. Dinner, set up the lucky prize, third prize, second prize, first prize and special prize 5 awards raffle link, but also the dinner continued to push to the climax, we laugh constantly, together to convey this joy and joy.


Looking back on the upcoming 2019, is the new Sanya people dedicated to the industry to adhere to the faith of another year, looking forward to the upcoming 2020 and the near future, "to do social respect and people yearn for the enterprise", "create and the times peer of the world-level brand" of the beautiful vision will guide the new Sanya people all the way forward. The new Sanya people will uphold the concept of the General Assembly, in line with the development of the times, go all out, continue to provide customers with truly valuable products and services.