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New Sanya Technology: Empowering Employees and Promoting Employee Growth

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This is an era of innovation at all times, need to find a good way motivate company employees to meet their needs for knowledge and skills in order to achieve both self-worth and corporate value enhancement. On November 30, New Sanya's "factory management" training was held at the Yang'an production base, All managers of the Yang'an production base participated in this training.


Fortunately, this training invited Mr. Dong Liyu, a senior expert in the building materials industry, to give a lecture. First of all, from the dilemma of his initial entry into the industry, his explorations, his persistence in his original intention, and his attitude of asking for advice, he told his career experience in the building materials industry. He explained in detail the organizational structure, department responsibilities, assessment indicators and management points of his own company, and shared the concept, connotation, and importance of enterprise safety and health management. His in-depth explanations and vivid case studies won constant applause from colleagues.


Secondly, colleagues discussed in groups, Each group raised 2-3 management issues to communicate with Mr. Dong, and Mr. Dong combined his own experience and knowledge and carefully shared each issue.



In the end, Mr. Kou Xiaojun, Chairman of New Sanya Technology, delivered a passionate speech. He explained the company's strategic direction and core product value concept from different perspectives and methods, and shared his original intention and dream of starting a business. He pointed out that "factory management" training is a key link in the reconstruction of the company's value. In the future, the company will regularly invite external experts to train employees at the production base in order to continuously improve their knowledge and business capabilities. He hopes that through this "factory management" training, the managers of the production base in Yang'an will be able to continuously improve the management level, work hard to develop, forge ahead, and contribute to the continuous improvement of product quality.