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New Sanya Technology Group Joined Hands with Blue Ray Group to Upgrade the Brand Development Line

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On October 17, New Sanya Technology Group officially registered as a member on The signing ceremony was held successfully in Zone B of Blue Ray Group. Blue Ray Group is one of Top 100 real estate companies in is the T2B+B2B+O2Obuilding material collection website owed by Blue Ray Group. The membership marked that New Sanya Technology Group is upgrading their brand development.Feng Pingbo(General Manager of New Sanya), Wang Qinghai(Strategic General Manager of New Sanya), Huang Xiaoqin(Director of E-commerce Operation Center of Blue Ray) and other senior leaders of both sides attended the meeting.



Feng Pingbo, General Manager of New Sanya Technology Group, said in the meet: the Internet has infiltrated into all walks of life with an irresistible trend. For traditional enterprises, embracing the Internet will increase brands affinity, products exposure and customers stickness. On the one hand, the membership on will meet the diversified needs from more clients; on the other hand, it will also form matrix network coverage for New Sanya brand. New Sanya Group will grasp all favorable opportunities to promote the enterprises development.



After the signing ceremony, the superior leaders of both sides had in-depth communication, reached consensus on the future cooperation direction and cooperation concept, and made initial planning on the cooperation direction, so as to achieve win-win cooperation and create brilliant results.




Introduction of New Sanya Technology Group

New Sanya Technology Group, headquartered in Chengdu, starting from Chengdu Sanya Building Materials factory since 2003, is an integrated enterprise on waterproof building materials by collection of R&D, production, sales, construction, international trade and technical service, who has become one of China large-scale enterprises on R&D and producing waterproof materials.


Technical strength

The group has established the R&D and application center with Suzhou Waterproofing Research Institute of China Building Materials Research Institute, and has become the pilot test base of waterproof building materials of Sichuan Building Materials Industrial Research Institute.





A number of independently developed products have won national patents, including innovative product NBAC colorful adhesive waterproof membrane and PUT self-healing asphalt waterproof coating, which have been highly praised by clients.